Eureka ICT + Hosting (Now apart of Lateral Plains) is a Boutique MSP & IT Services Provider with over 10 years’ experience in the ICT Industry Specialising in Managed & Hosted Services.

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Our Pool of experience hails from some amazing staff, , Tevita Topui, has worked for the big corporates assisting in management & maintenance of IT systems for Australia’s largest clients, such as TRUenergy (Now Energy Australia), Alinta Energy, Westpac Bank Australia, Westpac NZ, National Australia Bank & Victoria Police to name a few.

Tevita has managed a telecommunications store winning Vodafone’s partner of the year, and also worked with some of Ballarat’s best IT providers, which assisted him in gaining some amazing qualifications, he is also one of the highest certified Apple Guru’s in all of Victoria.

Other amazing geek's we have on board are network guys who can cable anything from your home internet and entertainment network to your new office building, including all the security cabling from your new alarm or camera system.

To view our entire team please head over to the Lateral Plains website for all the goods. www.lateralplains.com 


"We have code monkeys able to assist with your million
dollar App idea or tweaking your website."


Our Hardware team can pull apart anything that has a board in it and recommends the best options to repair or replace your unit.

Why wait? Let us know what we can do to help today.

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